Magento Development

IT Idol Technologies is a full-stack development organization offering Magento as a popular open-source e-commerce solution to integrate e-commerce functionality. Since it’s a widely in-demand e-commerce solution and predominantly open source, it’s an economic alternative to most commercially available solutions. Magento includes many features that provide complete flexibility in customizing web-based applications and their content, as well as built-in connection modules for all popular databases.

However, Magento 1 was once the preferred e-commerce platform. But with Magento 2, its development is made much simpler thanks to an expansive library that makes web app development much simpler. Before Magento 2, Magento 1 was the primary way for anyone looking to launch an e-commerce-based web application (website). As evolution occurred and Magento 2 gradually overtook Magento 1, does that imply mandatory migration from Magento 1? Nope; Magento 1 remains fully usable for certain use cases over its successor, Magento 2. However, should an e-commerce solution be planned going forward, we will opt for Magento 2.

Why Choose Magento Development?

Your Gateway to E-commerce Success

Choose Magento as your gateway to e-commerce success, offering open-source brilliance and customizable solutions.

  • Open source
  • User-friendly social media channel integration
  • Direct access to the database and customer insights
  • More immersive customer experience for consumers
  • Synchronicity between marketing, sales, and product teams
  • Inspires brands to elevate their social strategies with greater ambition
  • Customize security permission
  • Advanced SEO
Our Magento Development Services

Innovating Your E-commerce Future

Experience the mastery of our Magento services, empowering your e-commerce growth with tailored solutions and expertise.

  • Custom Magento Development
  • Magento Website Development
  • Extension Development
  • Theme Development
  • E-commerce Store Setup
  • Migration and Upgrades
  • Performance Optimization
  • Multilingual and Multi-store Support platform.
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Support and Maintenance
Magento Services

Frequently Asked Questions

IT Idol Technologies offers a comprehensive and complete set of services for developing your e-commerce application with Magento.

Design of the Magento theme following International Responsive Design Guidelines Development of a Tailored Magento Extension Upgrading or migrating your existing e-commerce application to Magento 2 Suitable Integration of the Magento API for Your E-Commerce Store Of course, application development with Magento 2 (and for Magento 1 also) With all of the above, a customized development with Magento 2 for your dream of an e-commerce store

We are focused on satisfying your vision or dream. We don't mean to brag, but we possess expertise with Magento 2 implementations, which is rare. Our delivery process is totally in line with agile delivery processes and methods. We are dedicated professionals in course application development with Magento 2 (and for Magento 1 also). We offer you fully transparent communication with your preferred medium across all media.

For the e-commerce functionality of your store, we can go with Magento 2 Open Source, which is free of charge and does not add any unneeded expenses to your wallet. We focus on designing an SEO-oriented e-commerce store for you. Also, we assist you in integrating any third-party plug-ins as per your choice and preference, but most importantly, your budget.

Other E-commerce Technologies We Offer

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