Velmeni AI: Pioneering Breakthroughs in Predictive Healthcare Solutions
  • Category – Healthtech
  • Employees – 25+
  • Backend – Python
  • Location – California, US
  • Technologies – Angular & Python
  • Frameworks – Angular
  • 3D Dental AI Product for Dentists to get accurate results and analysis
  • Frontend – Angular
  • Tools – VS code, X-Code, Android Studio, GitLab, Azure DevOps
About Client
Pioneering AI-Driven Healthcare Innovations for Enhanced Patient Care

VELMENI is at the forefront of healthcare innovation, transforming the landscape with AI solutions that revolutionize predictive care for patients, providers, and insurers. Our dynamic culture is centered around transformation, aiming to uplift healthcare businesses for the betterment of patients and communities. Within a robust value chain, our model elevates customer businesses, improves patient lives, and contributes to broader health and wellness.

Developing Advanced AI-Driven Diagnostic Tools

Our mission was to create an innovative AI-driven solution that could significantly enhance dentists’ capabilities, providing them with advanced tools for accurate diagnosis and improved patient outcomes. The challenge included the development of a state-of-the-art 3D (CBCT) dental AI product that seamlessly integrates artificial intelligence to empower dentists with enhanced analytical and decision-making capabilities. The goal was to revolutionize the way dentists approach diagnostics and patient care.

What we built for them
Crafting the Future of Dentistry: Velmeni's Advanced 3D Dental AI Platform

We delivered a cutting-edge platform with advanced features, introducing 2D and 3D annotation capabilities. A distinctive second dentist feature was implemented, significantly improving detection accuracy and contributing to superior patient outcomes. The 3D (CBCT) dental AI developed by Velmeni ensures precise results and minimizes radiation exposure, setting new standards in dental AI innovation. Our solution provides dentists with the tools to make informed decisions, streamline insurance claim processes, and seamlessly integrate patient data for comprehensive treatment planning. Velmeni’s commitment to pioneering AI solutions is a testament to our dedication to advancing dental healthcare practices.

Key Features
Transforming Dental Care with Advanced AI Features
  • Experience the Future of Dentistry:

    VELMENI’s 3D (CBCT) Dental AI revolutionizes diagnostics, providing an immersive and comprehensive view of dental structures. By minimizing radiation exposure, this cutting-edge technology ensures superior results while prioritizing patient safety.

  • Trust-Building “Second Opinions”:

    Instant Trust, Informed Decisions: VELMENI introduces a unique “Second Opinions” feature, fostering trust and confidence between dentists and patients. This innovative capability strengthens patient relationships and facilitates informed decision-making by offering immediate insights and expert analysis.

  • Streamlined Insurance Claim Processing

    Efficiency Redefined: VELMENI’s deep detection capabilities and precise treatment recommendations streamline insurance claim processes. Dentists can easily navigate insurance requirements, ensuring accurate and efficient processing, benefiting practitioners and patients.

  • Comprehensive Integration for Informed Care

    VELMENI integrates its AI analysis with patient management systems. This feature ensures the unification of patient data, providing dentists with a holistic view of comprehensive treatment planning. The synergy between AI insights and existing patient records enhances overall dental care.

  • Precision Redefined

    VELMENI’s AI-driven features go beyond meeting industry standards; they set new benchmarks for dental innovation. Dentists who use VELMENI are in a position to make wise decisions supported by precise diagnostics. This comprehensive solution meets and exceeds dental practitioners’ evolving needs, ensuring patient-centric care with confidence and precision.

VELMENI's AI Breakthrough in Dental Healthcare

he seamless incorporation of advanced AI capabilities, including 3D (CBCT) dental AI, instant ‘ second opinions,’ and deep detection functionalities, marks a revolutionary milestone for VELMENI AI. This case study underlines the profound impact of our strategic collaboration on reshaping the landscape of dental diagnostics and patient care. The successful implementation of these features attests to the efficacy of our innovative solutions in achieving VELMENI AI’s for Vision enhanced precision, trust, and efficiency in dentistry.

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