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Benefits of Creating an E-Commerce Website with Magento 2

Many of my clients want an E-Commerce website to help expand their existing business. Some even want to start their initial venture with one. One of the many leading platforms for designing an E-Commerce website using PHP is Magento. Like every other software platform/framework out there, Magento is also evolving. The latest offering is Magento 2.

Magento 2 is now currently one of the world's most flexible E-Commerce platforms. So why would you want to use Magento 2 over any other solution? Well, what are this person actually looking for, when they say, that they want an E-Commerce Website?

Well aside from the fact that they want a Website that allows for a Personalized Shopping Experience along-with a Secure & Reliable Payment System, they are also looking for some of the following qualities.

Personalized User Experience

Magento 2 provides many Extensions for a Personalized User Experience. They are a number of extensions that collect data about the customers based on their search history, location, professed interest & more. This allows the benefit of providing content that is more Individualized for the customer`s needs & expectations.

Secure & Reliable Payment System

Magento 2 has a powerful Payment Gateway API with almost all features and capabilities to allow for a custom payment integration whilst maintaining the security layers expected of such a system.

Responsive Web Design (RWD)

RWD allows for the presentation of content across a wide range of devices that the customer may use to interact with your Website. In-fact considering the growth in the use of mobile as a means of shopping online, Magento 2 has out-of-the-box themes that use the mobile-first RWD approach.

Speedy Page Loading

Magento 2 uses “Varnish Cache Configuration”, an accelerator that allows the server to handle much more traffic without adversely affecting the website`s functionality.

Customer Reviews

Some of the Extensions available for Magento 2 allow for the incorporation of “Product Ratings & Review” functionality, with much ease.

Powerful Shopping Cart

A persistent cart can be very easily enabled in Magento 2 Admin. Also, it is very easy to send automated reminders to customers with abandoned carts & wish lists.

Social Media Presence

Among the numerous extension available for Magento 2, many provide for seamless login to various social media accounts. This means that the customer can re-use his / her social media credentials and need not be burdened to create a new profile.

Return/Exchange Info.

A returned merchandise authorization (RMA) feature can be very easily incorporated in Magento 2

Using Magento 2 to build an E-Commerce Website makes sense as it is more beneficial for building a professional Website designed to the expectations of the client.

admin | 06-Mar-2020

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