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The way to Use a couple of Node.Js variations In windows OS


With multiple Node.Js versions, it is hard to specific ones, as there may be multiple necessities where we need to replace one-of-a-kind versions. So for this requirement, we can use nvm-home windows, that is open-supply software that allows control and deploy multiple variations of Node.Js in home windows OS for different operating structures whilst we've got exclusive nvm available.

Step 1 

Download nvm-windows from the below link. We can use nvm-setup.zip which contains the executable.


Step 2

Extract and install the executable when you have already set up Node.Js. Do not worry... Simply press sure to the popup

Step 3

Use the below command different versions of Node.js downloading the latest version:-

01: nvm install latest 

Downloading the specific version of Node.js:-

  01. nvm install 10.16.0

Step 4

To check all the to be had variations of Node.Js (The model with * signal suggests it's far getting used):

 01. nvm list

Step 5 

Switching among versions is handiest one command thing that uses the underneath command to switch between the versions (select yes for all of the extra permissions asked after executing the beneath command)

01. nvm use 14.3.0


With the use of nvm-windows, we checked how easy it's miles to use more than one node.Js variations or even transfer between the one’s variations.

If your task requires a couple of node.Js variations, then nvm-windows is a totally handy tool to use.

admin | 11-Dec-2020

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