IT IDOL Technologies does provide Development using the widely popular and preferred CMS, i.e. WordPress, as may be suited as per your needs. Since from its very inception, WordPress has been a Content Management System (CMS), which allows managing a wide variety of Content and also allows for delivering a customized/tailored experience to the end user, be it for Blogs (its primary & initial use) or a customized/tailored web application to your requirements, WordPress has not just out-grown its initially intended audience but has now grown to be a full-fledged choice for anyone seeking to deploy a Web Application with Generic Features which is fully customizable. Ohh, lest we forget, WordPress supports satisfying your needs for launching custom websites with a variety of functionality like membership, various user roles management or an E-Commerce Web Application, using WooCommerce. WordPress has been leading choice for all since its inception and its popularity is far from waning. So be it that you are just looking to share some thought (blogging functionality with native support in WordPress) or looking to setup your own Virtual Store (E-Commerce functionality using WooCommerce).

Your Satisfaction

One of our primary goals is to ensure that our clients, i.e. you are thoroughly satisfied by our services for implementing your idea & vision. The only thorough benchmark for our long term success demands complete & utter satisfaction of our clients like you. So our team proactively focuses on that as the only standard to which we measure our efficiency and growth.


Dedicated & Expert Professionals

As you want that’s what we provide, our professionals report to you directly or as you are comfortable, immediate, daily or weekly basis. With a strong inclination towards implementing your vision as you best see it, we do lend our expertise to optimize your ideas and requirements providing a best balance between What you are looking for and that which is actually viable.

Flexi & Fixed Cost

We are primary there to ensure that your ideas & visions are fruitfully brought into this reality. To this end, we understand and respect that each and every client have their specific budgetary constraints. A fixed line from which you may not choose to deviate while still expecting the best of implementation of your ideas & visions. So we provide almost virtually endless series of solutions, solutions which allow us to provide what you require and also assuring that, well, without burning a hole in your wallet.


Surety, Zero Opaque & Reliability

Your ideas are your own, so our team ensures the privacy for that. You can rest assured for the individuality of your ideas, visions & of course your product. Our team are specifically transparent about how, what & why for the work we do for you. And of course, in the routine process of developing, i.e. bringing your ideas & visions to this reality, our teams are used to incorporating various protocols that assure the reliability of your product & project.

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