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Privacy Policy of IT Idol Technologies

This document that you are reading now is the “Privacy Policy” for IT Idol Technologies`s Web & App Services.

You, the User (User) are requested to read it to understand the privacy policy of IT Idol Technologies (the Company) and its commitment towards respecting & protecting your privacy.

IT Idol Technologies is an Information Technology Services Provider Company Located @ Valsad, Gujarat State in the Country of India.

IT Idol Technologies has launched this Web-Site & Mobile Apps for use of any Individual without any restrictions, subject and in line with the prevalent & existing laws of the state, as applicable from time to time for Both the User & the Company.

This document clearly states that No form of Personally Identifiable Information is gathered from the User by the Company during the usage of Web-Site & Mobile Apps without obtaining due consent from the User.

If during operation of the Web-Site & Mobile Apps any such requirement arises to obtain any information that can be deemed as personally identifiable, then the Web-Site & its Mobile Apps will first prompt the User for the required permission. However, the User needs to be able to provide due consent in adherence to existing legal consent laws of the User and the Company. Minors are therefore compulsorily required to have a legal guardian present during the use of the Company`s Web-Site & Mobile Apps, as is the norm and mandatory requirement legally.

Any Information, if so, collected, with due consent will only be used for the required functionality for which data is required.

We clearly and firmly state it is not the policy of the Company to share or disclose any information of the User to any Third Party Site or Provider.

The Law Enforcing Authority can, however, instruct the Company to share the data to its offices & department with due legal procedure and in written form, as the befitting the situation in accordance with the laws of the land.

We also clearly and firmly state if any such information is shared by the User, we will make every attempt to ensure its safeguard.

We also clearly and firmly state that the Web-Site & Mobile Apps of the Company may use one or more forms of storage technologies, like cookies, etc., to provide adequate functioning services through its Web-Site & Mobile Apps. Appropriate Disclaimer will be provided as and where applicable for such cases.

We also clearly and firmly state that we, the Company have taken every effort to ensure that the Web-Site & Mobile Apps are in line with compliance of local & international Law.

However, if due to unforeseen & uncontrollable circumstances should you the User come across any violations of any of the prevalent norms and law, we humbly request you to email us the details @ with Subject Line starting with “Violation:” (not including quotes) and a brief descriptions following the “:” (colon) character, with details in the email.

We will ensure the compliance for the same immediately as may be technologically practical.

If this policy is not acceptable to you for any reason, you are requested to refrain from using the Web-Site & Mobile Apps of the Company.

Also, We do welcome any suggestions for any Improvement from your end, the User.

End of Privacy Policy of IT Idol Technologies.

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