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Presta Shop

Presta Shop

Presta Shop Development

IT Idol Technologies can enable development (with migration) of your existing e-commerce solution or setup one from the ground up, using Prestashop.

Prestashop is an open source-based e-commerce solution that allows for brand based deployment of your Web Application.

In fact, Prestashop allows selection of over a wide variety (ranging in thousands) professional e-commerce templates, from any of the industries applicable to your target industry.

Also, IT Idol Technologies can build & manage a catalog to its completion for the developing and engaging the world (or just your target market) with your online store`s products based on one or more of the thousands of products spread across over more than hundreds of categories. IT Idol Technologies can also aid you in the deployment of your product with Prestashop`s hosting services or as per your requirements with any other suitable 3rd Party Hosting services.

Presta Shop Development

Presta Shop Development service

Presta Shop can be that one size fits all solution for you.

IT Idol Technologies offers comprehensive & complete set of services with regard to developing your Application with Presta Shop

  • Design of Presta Shop Theme in accordance with International Responsive Design Guidelines

  • Development of Tailored Presta Shop Extension

  • Upgrading or Migration of your existing Application to Presta Shop

  • Suitable Integration of Presta Shop API for your Store

  • Of Course Application Development with Presta Shop (& for Presta Shop 1 also)

  • With all of the above a totally customized development with Presta Shop for your dream of an store.

  • Totally Focused on satisfying your vision/dream

  • We don`t mean to brag, but we do believe that we do possess an expertise with Presta Shop implementations which is actually very rare

  • Our Delivery Process is totally in line with Agile Delivery Process and Methods.

  • We are Dedicated Professionals

  • Of Course Application Development with Presta Shop (& for Presta Shop 1 also)

  • We offer you fully transparent communication with your preferred medium across all media.

  • Functionality of your store we can go with Presta Shop Open Source, which is free of cost and does not add any un-needed expense to your Wallet

  • We focus on designing an SEO oriented Store for you.

  • And also we do assist you for integration of any 3rd Party Plug-ins as per your choice and preference but most importantly your budget.

Customize Presta Shop Development

Why Choose Presta Shop Development?

Open Source

User-friendly social media channel integration

Direct access to database and customer insights

More immersive customer experience for consumers

Synchronicity between marketing, sales and product teams

Encourages brands to be more ambitious with their social strategies

Customize Security Permission

Advanced Seo

Dedicated Presta Shop Developer available for Hiring.

We can provide a Full-Time / Part-Time Dedicated Presta Shop Developer for your specific project needs.

Our designer are dedicated to provide you the best design for your Project.

To get best and fast result our developers utilize, not a lot , only a chosen few framework as per your business needs.

Using state of the art Communication Technology , our development team provides & gets,regular feedback from you.

What You are Assured for, when working with us ?

Dedicated & Expert Professionals

As you want that’s what we provide”, our professionals report to you directly or as you are comfortable, immediate, daily or weekly basis. With a strong inclination towards implementing your vision as you best see it, we do lend our expertise to optimize your ideas and requirements providing a best balance between What you are looking for and that which is actually viable.

Your Satisfaction

One of our primary goals is to ensure that our clients, i.e. you are thoroughly satisfied by our services for implementing your idea & vision. The only thorough benchmark for our long term success demands complete & utter satisfaction of our clients like you. So our team proactively focuses on that as the only standard to which we measure our efficiency and growth.

Flexi & Fixed Cost

We are primary there to ensure that your ideas & visions are fruitfully brought into this reality. To this end, we understand and respect that each and every client have their specific budgetary constraints. A fixed line from which you may not choose to deviate while still expecting the best of implementation of your ideas & visions. So we provide almost virtually endless series of solutions, solutions which allow us to provide what you require and also assuring that, well, without burning a hole in your wallet.

Surity, Zero Opaqueness & Reliability

Your ideas are your own, so our team ensures the privacy for that. You can rest assured for the individuality of your ideas, visions & of course your product. Our team are specifically transparent about how, what & why for the work we do for you. And of course, in the routine process of developing, i.e. bringing your ideas & visions to this reality, our teams are used to incorporating various protocols that assure the reliability of your product & project.

Other Service


IT IDOL Technologies does provide Development using the widely popular and preferred CMS, i.e. WordPress, as may be suited as per your needs.


IT Idol Technologies also provides for Customized Application Development of its client`s Ideas & Vision using one of the most popular and in-demand technology framework, Node.js.


With a Strong Focus on implementation of Web Based Applications following Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern, which also uses one of the more popular web framework for use with PHP Language, Laravel is a clear cut choice for those looking a viable alternative to various other similar PHP Language based offerings.

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