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Mongo DB vs MySQL

Databases form the literal back-bone in any form of Organization.

But what is a Database?

Basically any sort of grouping or structuring of data in one or more form can be considered a database.

At a time that referred to actual physical files & folders filled with documents pertaining to the specific organization.

As technology keeps progressing and has become integral part of day to day life of our society, the concept of Database is also evolving in step with it.

So nowadays the term database simply refers to any of electronic storage software which allows for holding of data in an organizational defined structure.

Broadly databases can be put into 2 category : 1.) SQL   & 2.) No SQL

1.) SQL : Most of DBMS, RDBMS & ORDBMS use SQL (Structured Query Language) for interaction  & management of the Database. This is a mature standard and is widely implemented & supported. One of widely used “SQL” database product is “MySQL”.

2.) No SQL: This refers to any form of Database that does not use SQL for interacting & maintaining the database. It is not a new concept, as almost all forms of Database technologies preceding the SQL Standard (and even after that) have been using mostly independent (and often proprietary) techniques for interacting & maintaining of the database.

But more recently “No SQL” refers to those Database Technologies that differ only from “SQL” based database in that they use standardized set of process to interact & maintain databases without the use of “SQL” standard. One of the widely used “No SQL” database product is “Mongo DB”.

admin | 06-Mar-2020

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