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  • Employees – 60+
  • Backend – Node Is
  • Location – California, US
  • Frontend – React js
  • Tools – VS Code
About Client
Revolutionizing Homework Help for Today's Students

Bartleby is a leading online homework help service dedicated to supporting students throughout their academic journeys. Our commitment lies in providing resources for every type of learner, ensuring students can complete homework efficiently and have more time for activities that bring them joy. We strive to enhance student success and outcomes by offering flexible learning pathways that align with the schedules and demands of contemporary students.

Integrating Advanced Features and Quality Checks for SMEs

Bartleby sought a comprehensive system that could accommodate three distinct roles within its platform: Admin, SME Manager, and SME (Subject Matter Expert). The primary goal was to introduce a Quality Check module for SMEs, incorporating AI and plagiarism content checks, grammar and spelling assessments, and a robust Feedback module. Additionally, the system needed features such as Answering and editing modules, highlighting ME (Main Explainers), and autocorrecting grammar and spelling mistakes. A crucial addition was the creation of a ‘My Activity’ tab for SMEs to monitor their performance ratio and manage feedback actions effectively.

What we built for them
Building a Robust Quality Check System for Bartleby

Our team successfully implemented a multifaceted system that addressed Bartleby’s diverse requirements. The Quality Check module empowered SMEs to ensure the accuracy and originality of content. AI algorithms were integrated to perform plagiarism checks, and grammar and spelling assessments were conducted seamlessly. The Feedback module allowed for constructive input, enhancing the overall quality of the educational content.

Key Features
Key Innovations in Bartleby's Quality Enhancement System
  • Quality Check Module for SMEs :
      Empowers Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to ensure the accuracy and originality of content. Enables a meticulous review process to maintain high-quality educational resources.
  • Highlight ME (Main Explainers) Functionality :
      Introduces a feature to highlight Main Explainers within the educational content. Enhances the visibility and comprehension of key concepts for students.
  • AI and Plagiarism Content Checks :
      Integrates advanced AI algorithms to perform comprehensive plagiarism checks. Ensures the authenticity of educational content, fostering a commitment to academic integrity.
  • Autocorrection of Grammar and Spelling Mistakes :
      Automates the correction of grammar and spelling mistakes for efficient content refinement. Streamlines the editing process, saving time for SMEs and improving content accuracy.
  • Grammar and Spelling Assessments :
      Incorporates a robust grammar and spelling assessment mechanism. Enhances the overall writing quality of educational materials for a polished and professional presentation.
  • My Activity Tab for SME Performance Monitoring :
      Creates a dedicated ‘My Activity’ tab for SMEs to monitor their performance metrics. Offers insights into individual contributions and areas for potential improvement.
  • Feedback Module for Improved Content :
      Provides a structured Feedback module to facilitate constructive input. Encourages collaboration and continuous improvement in content creation and delivery.
  • Efficient Management of Feedback Actions :
      Facilitates the streamlined management of feedback actions. Ensures that feedback provided is actionable and contributes to continuous improvement.
  • Answering and Edit Modules for Enhanced Interactivity :
      Implements interactive Answering and Edit modules for engaging learning experiences. Facilitates real-time editing and interaction, promoting dynamic and effective learning.
Bartleby's Pioneering Platform Transformation

This comprehensive set of features not only meets the specific needs of Bartleby but also positions the platform as a cutting-edge and user-friendly resource for students and educators alike.