How React Native Plays a Very Important Role in Improving the Productivity of Mobile App Developers?

We as a whole are pressed inside cell phones, particularly versatile applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Skype, Amazon, Flipkart, Zomato, Uber, and etc. During such a situation, it’s very challenging for any radical business to stay unprecedented! Taking the trail of least effort numerous developers have seen an aged board with the mobile app development fleeting trend.

Getting familiar with The Mobile App Market

There is no denying the very fact that these mobile apps find themselves playing an important role in raising our living standards. One cannot just have the access to whatever they need but also with the assistance of Augmented Reality and computer game technology, they will interact with them like never before – does one Remember Pokemon Go’? 

The mobile game was developed in 2016 to locate and capture these exceptional pokemon creatures. aside from capturing, one can train them to battle against other players. And you recognize what’s the simplest part of all this, every pokemon appears as if they’re within the player’s real-world location. And yes, the sport was free-to-play.

According to Statista, the worldwide number of smartphone users will rise to three .8 billion over the course of years. Check the below-mentioned image out! 

Every year there seems to be immense growth within the mobile app market. Some more interesting statistics to require into account: 

  • – The annual mobile app download is predicted to succeed in 258 billion by 2022.
  • – Over 100 apps installed by mobile app users. 
  • – Smartphones have been checked 63 times each day. 
  • – Generation Z (ages 16-24) spends 20 percent longer and engages with than the remainder of the population.

With the ever-increasing demands of those applications, mobile app developers do get to come up with an answer that accelerates the event process during a short span of their time. consistent with us, nothing beats React Native technology.

Introducing React App Native Development

Mobile app development, generally, is sort of a lengthy process. this suggests one (a mobile app developer) must be calm, composed, poised while doing so. Before the existence of React Native technology, things like businesses were required to make different apps for both the platforms Android also as iOS users. After React Native, all developers got to do is use segments from the React Native UI which are often embedded into a current application, without changing the appliance. 

What is React Native? Created by Jordan Walke, the innovation was intended to hitch the simplest parts of React with Facebook’s JavaScript library to focus on mobile platforms. within the event that basically, a solitary codebase is often utilized over different stages like Android and iOS.

React Native may be a framework that gets upgrades to the hybrid application platform. it’s massively famous and provides a good range of the latest procedures for mobile application building. Different advancement applications, like Instagram, Snapchat, and Netflix, have utilized the framework to make mobile applications. 

Some of the foremost interesting features of React Native technology include: 

  • – Get a native-like User Experience concerning elite, brisk burden time, smooth route, and stylish allure.
  • – Able to reuse the code, apps are often created during a short span of your time for both iOS and Android. 
  • – Supports live reloading and hot reloading 
  • – Used by a number of the most important brands like Facebook, Instagram, Walmart, Skype, Airbnb, Myntra, etc. 
  • – Strong community support 

Moreover, React Native is the hottest framework employed by developers everywhere on the planet. Here are some important figures to think about. 

Is React Native Good for Mobile App Development?

Nowadays users became equally knowledgeable regarding the prevailing digital space and crave a far better mobile app experience. Thus, a React Native Application Development company takes the invoice. The question is why? 

Fast Returns – Everybody wishes to realize incredible returns within the least or no amount of their time. However, developing something that stays for the end of the day and is fast enough is often pretty daunting and overwhelming sometimes. Therefore, you would like a team of the best React Native app developers who are skilled and well-experienced in doing so.

Cross-platform Development – As we mentioned before, creating a react native app is all about using an equivalent code to develop both Android and iOS applications. The outcomes are quite needless to say. Gone are the times when you require a universal programmer who is skilled in several languages like JAVA, Swift, C++, or the other. 

Migrating from an internet page to a mobile app is straightforward – With fragmented modules and natural code overlays react native is interfaced obviously and appropriately. Relocating from a site page to a mobile application is straightforward, all you need maybe a team of React Native developers in India.

Less usage of Memory – Viable with an outsized portion of the 3rd party modules and React Native tools, the worthwhile framework is exceptionally utilized for platforms like iOS and Android that utilizes significantly less of the memory space, because the cross-connect connecting isn’t needed and therefore the greater a part of the codes are utilized during run-time.

Futuristic and versatile approach – With an immense amount of reliability and responsiveness, React Native acts as an all-in-one solution for time and money. Get in-tuned with our team of React Native App developers and that we assure you to supply an experience of lifetime service.

Why is that the productivity of developers important?

Before we delve any deeper, allow us to understand why there’s a requirement to extend a developer’s productivity? The solution is sort of simple: actually, an increase in development speed results in more revenue generation within the slightest of your time.

It’s basic math, like 2 + 2 = 4, anytime now you’ll finish the appliance and dispatch it, the earlier you’ll begin bringing in cash with it.

How to React Native improve the productivity of developers?

Fast Cross-platform App Development 

As mentioned before, performing on the React Native project means, programmers can build native apps. thanks to its reusable cross-platform elements, one does not require to place an additional effort to launch on both the famous platforms. All it needs is 20% modification to deploy the app to a different platform.

With code reusability, one can kill two birds with an arrow – boosts the app development process and at an equivalent time reduces it with regard to the value too. Maybe this is often why react native development is suitable for nearly all kinds of companies, enterprises, startups. 

Reusable Code

No matter what percentage times, code reusability may be a boon within the world of mobile app development. The foremost significant benefit offered by the framework is where React Native developers are ready to work on several platforms by using equivalent code everywhere. It Idol technologies is one such reputable React Native Development company where you’ll find a team of execs who have mastered various services like a consultation to cross-platform app development, Migration, React Native UI design, Support maintenance, and more.

Ease of Learning

Technically speaking, React Native has very supported the JavaScript framework. So you would like to settle on a React Native developer who has deep knowledge regarding an equivalent. Also, the high-end support to third-party tools and plugins makes things very easy and useful. Now you see why most budding, amateur also experienced professionals tend to modify to React Native App Development as compared to others.

An Outstanding Developer Community

No framework is popular without strong and large community support. You see troubles, conflicts, unwanted issues are inevitable. Therefore having such a community can significantly reduce the troubles and supply relevant solutions. Also, the sole consolidation here is that you simply aren’t alone creating a React Native app. One can learn, catch up with all the ready-made components and safety issues.

In case of a problem? All you need is to share it with the relevant community and obtain things in check as soon as possible.

Robust and Future-Ready

Imagine the framework itself seems to be robust and future-ready, your outcomes are going to be too. Having a strong framework means an ample amount of your time is saved together and doesn’t require you to spend days and nights on bug-fixing and maintenance. Moreover, great interface, intuitive design, and accessible third-party modules are a number of the prime features acknowledged by React Native developers in India also as overseas.

Live and Hot Reloading

This feature is sort of astonishing giving a win-win situation; both React Native developers and end-users seem to be enjoying a magical experience. The app tends to be live all the time and just in case of any updates, it is often reloaded on a moment basis.

Technically speaking, as soon as there’s a change made within the code, the React Native Developer re-compiles it and sees how it works. Are the modifications done correctly, does the app require any longer improvement or not. However, this is often no one-take shot. It is often done a hundred to thousand-fold counting on the dimensions of your React Native development project.

After the establishment of hot reloading, programmers are not required to recompile the code.

Craft the native-like UI

Native app development wants to be expensive and time-consuming all directly. But not anymore! With the emergence of React Native, our big rescuer, things did compute extremely well. Now developing the native-like interface not requires much effort.

No other framework approaches development space this manner as React Native does; trimming the time by half.

This surely enables developers to differentiate well between building a mobile app for iOS and Android counterpart. After putting the building blocks together, the technology will automatically create a sequence of action and implement them so as.

Readymade off-the-shelf component

Again we might wish to emphasize the very fact that no-one likes reinventing the wheel of fortune every now then. during this case, the wheel of coding especially once you have ready-to-use foam available. Here you’ll find an in-depth list of pre-built components, third-party plugins, and ready-made solutions and libraries. Your react native app is going to be certain full of a native feel.

It is vital for one to understand that adding native functionality like Google calendar, compass, zoom, rotating is not an easy task. But it’s crucial to enhance the general app performance. And by choosing to react native development services, you’re saving yourself and your programmer from spending unnecessary hours in creating such functionalities and enhancing the performance of the app.

Final thoughts

Of course, React Native development is fast and plays an important role in increasing the productivity of your developer.

But it won’t work any wonder if the private productivity of your professional is low. aside from being knowledgeable and highly skilled, confirm you select a React Native developer who’s personal productivity is high.

Remember only massive actions can cause massive results -get in-tuned with a trusted React Native Development company today!


Why is React Native an ideal option for Mobile Application Development?

We precisely understand what you’re questioning right now, a way to capitalize on the growing cellular marketplace because it seems to be the most earnings-spinning area producing billions of greenbacks through unique app shops. The most effective challenge is with masses and thousands of cellular apps available, how can one show them what they’ve got; a strong, seamless, and dazzling-searching cellular app? Here’s a three-phase solution for you – React to local development.

A quick introduction

React native is being utilized in hitherto unheard of sectors in India and cellular app development is no exception. Are you willing to hop on the bandwagon? Properly, you ought to due to the fact folks who haven’t would possibly have plenty to lose.

Earlier with the assistance of JavaScript (for Android) and Swift/Obj-C (for iOS), constructing local cell apps became a potential task. In fact, it may be a pretty hobby for you to realize that in advance the writer itself had issues with its cell app as they required preserving two codebases for iOS and Android. All of the features have been imagined to be carried out on a separate foundation which ultimately led to quite a few paintings duplication and asymmetrical apps. As a result, React local improvement comes to the rescue!

The tech totally wipes out the want for building separate apps on the most on-call for structures. All you need is simply one coding language and things are completed in a way less time.

Evolved a few years in the past via a well-known Social Media employer named Fb, React local has now come to be a tech all of us hate to love.

The Ever-growing reputation

Pointless to say, the maximum of the top apps is built with React local development in India in addition to foreign places. Also, pinnacle organizations that have adopted the era to its fullest include a group of renowned names like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Discord, Tesla, Walmart. As an end result, increasingly more companies (SMEs as well as Fortune 500 organizations) are making plans to switch their improvement initiatives in the arms of a good React native development agency in India. Before we delve any in addition to why the tech is turning into the want of the hour, let us recognize the distinct varieties of mobile app improvement taking place around.

Mobile App Development – Its Types

Web App – because the name implies, net apps are more simplified versions of a website created to make things manner easier in case, accessed through smartphones. The handiest downside here they own a confined amount of capability as they may be alleged to run on a browser and no longer as an app. The give up customers may additionally feel limited whilst the usage of an internet app.

Hybrid App – The fine element here that those ones cannot simply run on more than one system but can be created as one app. Moreover, you can also consider this as an app having the capacity to be used as a responsive loading internet web page. Any other exciting truth to do not forget right here is that hybrid cellular app development is way further than an internet app and just a few steps in the back of local apps. Now, why is this a way to go, you can ask? It is easy, less steeply-priced, and time-ingesting than the local ones.

Native App – You need to look no in addition to native in case you are considering apps for a selected working device. On and all, local apps provide equal blessings as hybrid apps however what makes them more attention-grabbing is their nature of being more performance and optimization-centric. Going for this option may be pretty an unstable task as updates or improvisations are a few of the local apps over Hybrids. So if we do easy math then the price and time taken are doubled or Tripled to be specific.

Now coming lower back to React native, 1/2 hybrid, and half of the native cellular apps became the primary idea in the back of the emergence of this framework. Right here, you will locate no black and white however a grey location, i.E. Fairly among local and hybrid, and neither of them on the flipside.

Why Choose React Native for Mobile App Development?

Time + Money Saver

Do you believe you studied growing a mobile app is viable within a snap of a finger? In all likelihood not! It calls for a good enough quantity of time, electricity, and a hefty amount of cash. Further, agencies regularly feel torn between iOS and Android improvement. However, you could think about incorporating all the new and progressed mechanics which would possibly sooner or later cause faster deployment of the app. As an example, the React local generation needs one in preference to mobile app developers. Hiring a fantastically skilled React local developer can save you from lengthy improvement methods which subsequently ends in better costs.

According to several stats, the general time required to build an app on the tech is 33% less than the time required to expand Android and iOS apps. At the equal time, you will discover an intense decrease in the value of React native application development. Some other benefit is quite an easy seize which means that everything relies upon the developers of your lease. All you have to do is find developers who are professional and skilled in JavaScript, and you are taken care of. Aside from this, let us anticipate a state of affairs where you are making plans to transform a web app built in ReactJS to a cellular app. Matters may get way less complicated due to the fact beginning the whole thing from scratch isn’t well worth it in any respect.

Easy to Grasp

Some other exciting factor of React native development is how readable it’s far, even to those who aren’t an awful lot acquainted with it.

Lease a skilled React local developer who knows how to make the most of preferred language capabilities that make the code more understandable to others together with quit-users in addition to different developers.

Typical, whilst developing an application in React local platform-precise codes will be used for each iOS and Android and a majority of it will be understandable to budding developers.

Use/Re-use of Codes

React local works similar to a go-platform app improvement concept that functions a general codebase which once more may be used for our top cellular app contenders (iOS and Android). However, what makes the tech a cut above is the way it performs is more like local packages.

Following the perception of writing as soon as and launching anywhere makes matters handy to React to native builders as they no longer require losing time in engaging in monotonous responsibilities. To be aware, we particularly advocate our experts to use the maximum of the code of an existing app whilst developing a cell app.

Aside from reusing codes, you may find an extensive variety of pre-built additives available. Reusing all these sorts of stuff that had been written via a person else particularly for the characteristic you want will finally lower improvement time.

Supports all the Third-party plugins

An excessive-give up 1/3-birthday celebration library/ plugin help is one of the smartest matters one should ask for. Whether or not you require a library for personalization or one that assists you in including factors or performs trying out, You name it and there it’s far-right at your carrier.

These libraries act as a small bunch of pleasure for most of the React native builders in India and foreign places as it makes matters smoother and higher throughout specific verticals. Providing unequalled ability, they can be used at the same time as running on numerous obligations inclusive of checking out or in-app purchases across the React native app development cycle. Whether it’s approximately developing link variables or growing intuitive u.S.Or getting analytics, regardless of what you do, there may usually help available within the form of such pre-built libraries.

While combining the aforementioned point; i.E. The reusability of code with those third-birthday party libraries, it acts as a cherry on the cake (you get the pleasure of both worlds). Additionally, we’re keeping a hawk-eye on libraries that are purported to be built in 2020. Another exciting truth is web apps fail to help all styles of libraries and components while React native development generation doesn’t. In a nutshell, the lesser trouble may be anticipated at the React developer’s part and cease-users can count on higher performance.

It continues on Updating

Being below energetic improvement, React local is such tech in which Facebook and the large network hold on operating on constant improvements and improvisations.

In truth, the maximum interesting story is to React local for home windows, Microsoft requested programmers to create their fork. As an end result, numerous apps can be created for windows 10, windows 10 cell and Xbox One without a good deal problem.

Present Apps, not calls for rewriting

We, human beings, are fickle-minded and marketers are no exception. So there is probably a time while a present app is made and strolling on any native or pass-platform framework however because of a few motives or the other groups aren’t glad and would like to replace. Most of the time switching frameworks is a difficult overhaul but that’s no longer the case with regards to React local improvement.

React native library helps big incorporation of components with no mediator into the prevailing code with a pleasant plugin, saving ample time, power and the need for rewriting the code from the scratch.

Bugs are diagnosed and fixed without problems

Irrespective of what you create, even a basic MVP product calls for trying out so that programmers get ensured that the app can function flawlessly on diverse devices with a couple of display sizes. While operating in this, a maximum range of customers is stored in mind at the same time as you are validating the app.

This generation, mainly, comes with a single testing code because of this it is viable to check on each of the structures Android and iOS simultaneously. Furthermore, React native is a stand-on for developing pretty sophisticated MVPs.

Modular structure

Remaining but absolutely not the least issue of React local improvement technology is that this system may be divided into numerous modules thru modular programming. This no longer simply makes it smooth for programmers to take a look at every other module but additionally to replace programs.


The future appears vibrant indeed! The React native development era looks like a knight shining armour who will sooner or later quit the on-going holy conflict between Android and iOS. Killing birds with one arrow is its area of expertise’ but maybe in comparison with other intuitive systems. So what are you sitting tight for? Aren’t you willing to put money into futuristic technology? ETatvasoft is a dependable React local development company which possesses a big understanding and enjoy regarding those emerging technology and assists you in choosing the only that fits as your perfect commercial enterprise answer.


Benefits of Using Angular as front end technology

A Smooth & Eye-Catching (while being easy on the eyes and also being easy to use) Front-End representation of a Web Application is the primary target that anyone expects in their product.

Angular allows for smooth and pixel perfect Frontend development with suitable integrated support of inbuilt authentication & authorization system.

Unlike a traditional website that is composed of a multitude of Hyper-Linked pages with static content, for the most part, a Web Application offers a dynamic and customized UI Experience over any suitable medium.

With the current long term trend of building responsive web applications that are accessible and provide a clear and concise expected functionality over a wide range of disparate devices, Angular is has emerged as a leading development framework for Front-End development processes.

Angular also allows for a Component-based of UI Front-End Development, this allows for a very transparent approach for building any Web Application and also allows for smooth integration of functionalities with a clear and defined functionality as per the expectations of the client & end-user.

Angular exposes varies features like Declarative UI, Simplified MVC Pattern, Consistency of Code Patterns, Ease of developing components, sub-components & more…

All of the various features are usable in not just a speedy and proficient Web Application Development process but also results in an overall lower cost of maintenance and long term or periodic customizations/management of the Web Application.

Here we would also like to stress that component-based web application development cannot be over-emphasized.
In fact, this specific feature assures the development of a very large scale and highly optimized Web Application which are suitable candidates for long term scalable Web Applications.

This is due to the fact that the UI implemented in Angular is considered as a kind of tree of components. So due to this nature of abstraction, adding & updating specific functionality becomes as easy and implementing and adding a fresh component or updating any already implemented one.

Also, more on the technical side since Angular uses Typescript (which is one of the most suitable superset languages of Javascript / ECMAScript ), which means most of the logic implemented does not hold any surprises now or in the future. While Angular itself offers a vast plethora of in-built, ready to use functionality in the box, there are available a wide variety of ready to use and be customized Angular Component across the world wide web. So using Angular for Front-End Development provides for a total win-win situation for all parties involved in their Web Application Development.